About Us

Nilin started by selling her top quality, personal care products on TikTok and Facebook. Her crazy American boyfriend, Greg, launched NilinBeauty.com and created the Natural Thai Beauty umbrella. The Nilin brand will expand into cosmetics, accessories, apparel, and upscale tourist items that embraceĀ Natural Thai Beauty.

We are currently recruiting resellers to represent Nilin within a semi-exclusive marketing territory. For example, only one Nilin seller per market, mall, shopping district, school, beach or busy street. Greg is designing Natural Thai Beauty hats and shirts to help Nilin sellers stand out in busy areas. NilinBeauty.com will host a database consumers can use to find local Nilin sellers. Eventually, advertising and shipping prices on NilinBeauty.com will be adjusted to promote local purchasing from our resellers.

Please join Nilin and Greg and help us grow together.

Nilin and Greg
Nilin and Greg at home
Nilin and Greg boating